About Us


Back in 2016, I was a skint student living in a depressing bedsit in Swansea. I loved candles and melts as they reminded me of my much nicer bedroom back at home with my mum in Pembrokeshire. I would spend a fortune every week on cheap candles and melts to try and improve my little space but they never lasted very long and I ended up spending more and more money.
For Christmas, knowing I'm a crafter, my Mum bought me a small starter kit of candle ingredients and it grew from there. Never one to do things by halves, I ended up filling my tiny bedsit with every material I needed to make candles and melts and spent months practising before deciding to release them online. For the name, my surname provides the perfect brand - Dewick got split in two and De Wicks was born!

Since meeting Dan in 2017, he's become an integral part of the business. My un-official "Production Manager", he makes sure that stock levels are always good and helps me restock during peak season. We both design, produce, pack and send all your orders from our home in Pembrokeshire (that same home that my lovely childhood bedroom is in!). We both take the candles and melts to craft fairs and markets and sometimes nieces, nephews and in-laws help out too!
We are the definition of a family-run business.

De Wicks was born out of a passion for fragrance - and not just any fragrance; strong and long lasting fragrance that gives excellent value for money. That's what we offer. Whether you love fresh, fruity, floral or something a bit more whacky, we have something for everyone.

We hope you love what we've got to offer!

Steph & Dan