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One of our bestsellers, and it's really no surprise!
The most amazing blend of fruity and floral notes give this sweet full-bodied fragrance an amazing throw, which will fill your home with it's beautiful scent.
We're really proud of our reed diffusers and work hard to make sure they last!
With proper use, you can expect 6 months of fragrance from one bottle - even if you're a persistent reed flipper. That works out at only 50p per week for a fresh home.
We recommend placing your reeds in the bottle of liquid overnight and then flipping them (so you place the other end in the bottle) the next day once they've had the chance to soak up the fragrance. After that, you can flip the reeds once a week (or more often, if you like) for a burst of fragrance.

  • 240ml of fragrance in each bottle
  • At least 6 months of fragrance
  • Hand poured in Pembrokeshire
  • Packaged in a glass bottle and cardboard box